Why the Society for Ricoeur Studies?

For two years, I’ve been a member of the Society for Ricoeur Studies and traveled to our annual conference to present papers. I don’t think I would have ever ventured to dive into these unfamiliar waters if I hadn’t been invited by my professor—a founding member of the society but probably the only other conservativeContinue reading “Why the Society for Ricoeur Studies?”

Toward a Research Agenda

In September, I begin doctoral study at Fuller Theological Seminary. I will be in the School of Theology, with a theology concentration and a New Testament minor concentration, but I will cross into the School of Intercultural Studies in order to work in missiology as well. The ability to do interdisciplinary research in this way was whatContinue reading “Toward a Research Agenda”

MBTI, Doctoral Studies, and Interdisciplinarity

As I apply to PhD programs, I’m naturally reflecting a lot on my strengths and weaknesses, wondering whether I’ll be accepted somewhere and how I will do in a demanding course of study at the terminal level. The application process is designed to raise these sorts of questions, so I don’t think they’re too neurotic, thoughContinue reading “MBTI, Doctoral Studies, and Interdisciplinarity”