Enneagrammar Issues

“I have some concerns about the Enneagram.” People who like the Enneagram: “That means you don’t understand the Enneagram.” So, this is a followup to my previous post, “Enneagram? Meh.” I want to start with a response email whose subject line was “Enneagram? Mehgusta.” This delightfully snarky wordplay-as-riposte indicates that it was written by myContinue reading “Enneagrammar Issues”

MBTI, Doctoral Studies, and Interdisciplinarity

As I apply to PhD programs, I’m naturally reflecting a lot on my strengths and weaknesses, wondering whether I’ll be accepted somewhere and how I will do in a demanding course of study at the terminal level. The application process is designed to raise these sorts of questions, so I don’t think they’re too neurotic, thoughContinue reading “MBTI, Doctoral Studies, and Interdisciplinarity”