My First Semester of University Teaching

My first semester of teaching in the hallowed halls of academe is in the rearview, and I’ve caught my breath enough to begin reflecting. It has been a learning experience for all of us! As an adjunct professor at Lipscomb University, I taught three courses in the Fall 2019 term—almost a full load for full-timeContinue reading “My First Semester of University Teaching”

Theological Education and Identity Politics: On Listening Carefully

This post is just a sketch of a major issue that looms in the background of my doctoral studies. As the landscape of twenty-first century theological education is rearranged by seismic cultural forces, one of the major shakeups is precipitated by the larger conflict about identity politics in American culture. In this context, I believeContinue reading “Theological Education and Identity Politics: On Listening Carefully”

Two Years into the Program

This fall I begin the third year of my PhD studies at Fuller. The program has been ideal for me because of its flexibility and openness to interdisciplinarity. From within the theology concentration and the New Testament minor concentration in the School of Theology, I’ve been able to work on theological hermeneutics from various angles,Continue reading “Two Years into the Program”

MBTI, Doctoral Studies, and Interdisciplinarity

As I apply to PhD programs, I’m naturally reflecting a lot on my strengths and weaknesses, wondering whether I’ll be accepted somewhere and how I will do in a demanding course of study at the terminal level. The application process is designed to raise these sorts of questions, so I don’t think they’re too neurotic, thoughContinue reading “MBTI, Doctoral Studies, and Interdisciplinarity”