Back in Ministry!

This month, I started a part-time position as the missions minister at Stones River Church (SRC) in Murfreesboro, TN! SRC is a small church of about fifty adult members, and the leadership has graciously stretched our budget to the limit to make this support possible. At present, my responsibilities are limited to 10 hrs./wk., butContinue reading “Back in Ministry!”

Mission Journal Archive

Mission, a journal associated with Churches of Christ that was published from 1967 to 1988, has been fully digitized by Mac Ice and the team at Abilene Christian University Special Collections. I wrote about Mission a couple of years ago when the project began, and Missio Dei published a few other articles about the journalContinue reading “Mission Journal Archive”

Two Years into the Program

This fall I begin the third year of my PhD studies at Fuller. The program has been ideal for me because of its flexibility and openness to interdisciplinarity. From within the theology concentration and the New Testament minor concentration in the School of Theology, I’ve been able to work on theological hermeneutics from various angles,Continue reading “Two Years into the Program”