Theological Interpretation in an Anti-Theological Tradition

In response to my post about the future of Churches of Christ as a theological question, a friend texted me this pithy observation: “For us theology = hermeneutics = exegesis.” To which I responded, “Tell me about it. I’m a PhD candidate in systematics writing on hermeneutics.” And that is very much the point. ForContinue reading “Theological Interpretation in an Anti-Theological Tradition”

The Future of Churches of Christ

The future of Churches of Christ is a theological question, full stop. I’m struck anew by how unconventional, even peculiar, this claim is for the tradition. And that is why it is necessary to assert unequivocally that what happens next will be a response to our vision and experience of who God is. It willContinue reading “The Future of Churches of Christ”

Mission Journal Archive

Mission, a journal associated with Churches of Christ that was published from 1967 to 1988, has been fully digitized by Mac Ice and the team at Abilene Christian University Special Collections. I wrote about Mission a couple of years ago when the project began, and Missio Dei published a few other articles about the journalContinue reading “Mission Journal Archive”

On Practicing Theological Interpretation in Churches of Christ

I began a sermon a few Sundays ago with the Apostles’ Creed. Well, with Rich Mullins’s rendition anyway. I’ve been in a cappella Churches of Christ worship services for close to every Sunday of my life (if I count the churches we planted in Peru, which perhaps I shouldn’t). I’ve been in rural and urban churches, large andContinue reading “On Practicing Theological Interpretation in Churches of Christ”

Earliest Stone-Campbell Missiology: Toward the Death and Germination of Restoration Movement Ecclesiology

Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone sparred frequently. Their differences have been the topic of extended discussion in Stone-Campbell historiography. A popular recent agenda has been to leverage the contrast between them in order to reclaim dimensions of Stone’s theology, especially among Churches of Christ historians. I have written elsewhere[1. I am in the process of transferringContinue reading “Earliest Stone-Campbell Missiology: Toward the Death and Germination of Restoration Movement Ecclesiology”