Ricoeur on Biblical Interpretation and Resurrection Hope

Some excerpts from two essays. I highlight the thread of “new creation” that ties them together. From Paul Ricoeur, “Toward a Hermeneutic of the Idea of Revelation”: “What is finally to be understood in a text is not the author or his presumed intention, nor is it the immanent structure or structures of the text,Continue reading “Ricoeur on Biblical Interpretation and Resurrection Hope”

Why the Society for Ricoeur Studies?

For two years, I’ve been a member of the Society for Ricoeur Studies and traveled to our annual conference to present papers. I don’t think I would have ever ventured to dive into these unfamiliar waters if I hadn’t been invited by my professor—a founding member of the society but probably the only other conservativeContinue reading “Why the Society for Ricoeur Studies?”