Review of The Body Broken

Reese, Jack R. The Body Broken: Embracing the Preaching of Christ in a Fragmented Church. Siloam Springs, AR: Leafwood, 2005. “My thesis is simple: Christians ought to be able to talk to one another,” writes the author (3).  Jack Reese is the Dean of the ACU Graduate School of Theology.  Contrary to the expectation that his titleContinue reading “Review of The Body Broken”

What’s In A Name?

Perhaps one of the most elemental contradictions that the Restoration Movement produced was the way that concern about denominationalism turned into a petty contentiousness about names.  The issue was not, as I understand it, initially about names.  Alexander Campbell himself would frequently reel off a list of names and labels, proclaiming loudly that he cared not whatContinue reading “What’s In A Name?”

A NR View of Baptism in Conversation with Evangelicalism and the Stone-Campbell Movement

William R. Baker, ed., Evangelicalism and the Stone Campbell Movement, vol. 1 (Downers Grove: IVP, 2002). Introduction Rather than review Evangelicalism and the Stone Campbell Movement (EatSCM hereafter), I would like to reflect on a number of the essays that comprise the volume as they relate to the doctrine of baptism. While baptism was not theContinue reading “A NR View of Baptism in Conversation with Evangelicalism and the Stone-Campbell Movement”

Review of Things Unseen

Allen, C. Leonard. Things Unseen: Churches of Christ in (and After) the Modern Age. Siloam Springs, AR: Leafwood, 2004. Things Unseen is a tremendous contribution to the ever-broadening body of research dedicated to conscientizing the Churches of Christ through the examination of their formative historical contexts. Additionally, Dr. Allen brings his research to bear powerfullyContinue reading “Review of Things Unseen”

Review of Discovering Our Roots

Allen, C. Leonard and Richard T. Hughes. Discovering Our Roots: The Ancestry of Churches of Christ. Abilene: ACU Press, 1988. Now over twenty years ago, Leonard Allen and Richard Hughes attempted to confront the ahistorical assumptions of Churches of Christ head-on.  In a slender volume boasting only 158 pages of body text, the duo managed toContinue reading “Review of Discovering Our Roots”

Review of 2 Articles on Churches of Christ Scholarship

In the short period of time from the fall of 2006 to the first quarter of 2007, both the Stone-Campbell Journal and Restoration Quarterly featured articles on Church of Christ scholarship.  Their proximity suggests a significant, conscious concern about the role that Christian scholarship will play in the Churches of Christ during the initial part ofContinue reading “Review of 2 Articles on Churches of Christ Scholarship”

Review of A Gathered People

Hicks, John Mark, Johnny Melton and Bobby Valentine. A Gathered People: Revisioning the Assembly as Transforming Encounter. Siloam Springs, AR: Leafwood, 2007. A Gathered People is the last installment of the series that John Mark Hicks refers to as his “Stone-Campbell sacramental trilogy” (12), the other two volumes being Down in the River to PrayContinue reading “Review of A Gathered People”

Neo-Restoration is . . .

NR is . . . A call for community discourse among members of Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. Many members of Churches of Christ (CofC), particularly younger members and perhaps especially students preparing for ministry, are faced with growing uncertainty about the legitimacy of the Restoration Plea and the shape, limits, and direction of the CofC inasmuchContinue reading “Neo-Restoration is . . .”

Review of The Jesus Proposal

Rubel Shelly and John O. York, The Jesus Proposal: A Theological Framework for Maintaining the Unity of the Body of Christ (Siloam Springs, AR: Leafwood, 2006).  Shelly and York have put forth a unity program based upon “relational faith.”  This phrase divides nicely into the two primary facets of their proposal, one salutary and one rather dubious.Continue reading “Review of The Jesus Proposal”