The Forgotten Ways: Sect. 2 Intro.

In this post I’ll deal with the introduction to section 2. Section 2 is the bulk of the book, wherein Hirsch deals with each aspect of his Apostolic Genius. The intro. to section 2 overviews the idea of mDNA, Apostolic Genius, and “missional” once more before launching into the in-depth treatment. Since each subsequent chapterContinue reading “The Forgotten Ways: Sect. 2 Intro.”

The Lord’s Supper and Reading the Bible

The old-school Church of Christ laid the smack down on me recently. I should have been ready for it, but I wasn’t. I should have, because I know from whence I come. I wasn’t, because much of the old school was never actually a part of my immediate experience; it was a caricature. My familyContinue reading “The Lord’s Supper and Reading the Bible”

Millennials and Global Justice: The New Optimistic Activism

I come from a church tradition established most notably by a man who founded a journal called The Millennial Harbinger. Alexander Campbell was a postmillennialist–he believed that Christ would return after a thousand year utopian period. Moreover, he believed that he was part of ushering in this “millennium.” Commentary abounds on the these heady EnlightenmentContinue reading “Millennials and Global Justice: The New Optimistic Activism”

The Forgotten Ways: Ch. 2

“The problem we face is that while as a sociopolitical-cultural force Christendom is dead, and we now live in what has been aptly called the post-Christendom era, the church still operates in exactly the same mode” (61). In chapter two, Hirsch sketches the contours of Christendom and makes the case for its inadequacy. The emergingContinue reading “The Forgotten Ways: Ch. 2”

The New Restorationism

William Baker of Cincinnati Bible Seminary and the Stone-Campbell Journal has been facilitating a conversation on Evangelicalism and the Stone-Campbell Movement for some time (see vol. 1 (2002) and vol. 2 (2006)).  This is a fascinating discussion about some of our fundamental agreements and disagreements with broadly “evangelical” Christianity.  Yet, there is a great deal of diversityContinue reading “The New Restorationism”

Missional Hermeneutics (Revisioning the Hermeneutical Spiral Missionally 2)

Based upon my last post in the series, I suggest the following diagram as indicative of a properly missional hermeneutical spiral: 1. We have to begin with preunderstanding. This includes whatever previous involvement in mission the interpreter may have, so I’m not trying to begin theoretically without praxis. “Step 1” is just the point atContinue reading “Missional Hermeneutics (Revisioning the Hermeneutical Spiral Missionally 2)”

The Forgotten Ways: Inro. and Ch. 1

Alan Hirsch is one of the leading missional church guys. The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church came out in 2006, a few years after his collaboration with Michael Frost on the big splash The Shaping of Things to Come. I read it over furlough, and now I’m working back through it chapter by chapter.Continue reading “The Forgotten Ways: Inro. and Ch. 1”

Missional Hermeneutics (Revisioning the Hermeneutical Spiral Missionally 1)

The missional hermeneutics conversation has articulated at least four emphases (Husberger, 2009): The Missional Direction of the Story The Missional Purpose of the Writings The Missional Locatedness of the Readers The Missional Engagement with Cultures George Husberger sums up his findings in this way: Finally then, our collective sense of a missional hermeneutic . .Continue reading “Missional Hermeneutics (Revisioning the Hermeneutical Spiral Missionally 1)”

The Death of “We”: How to Proceed Together?

I recently spoke with a friend who is writing a book, and he made an interesting comment.  He said he is writing a book for a denominational publisher of a denomination that no longer exists—referring to the Churches of Christ.  That it no longer exists, he contends, is evinced by the fact the CofC publishers are goingContinue reading “The Death of “We”: How to Proceed Together?”

Missional Hermeneutics (Grant Osborne’s Hermeneutical Spiral)

Grant Osborne published The Hermeneutical Spiral: A Comprehensive Introduction to Biblical Interpretation nearly twenty years ago. It has become a standard textbook among evangelicals. I became aware of it quite some time ago but only had occasion to read a few chapters for a graduate class. It has been one of many books hovering onContinue reading “Missional Hermeneutics (Grant Osborne’s Hermeneutical Spiral)”