Nope: Ekklesia means “called out”

This is one of those fallacies with real staying power. Despite the mistake being conspicuous, I find it in all kinds of books, blogs, classes, and conversations. The idea has a grip on the imaginations of a tremendous number of Christians, and it spreads like a contagion. So this one deserves a bit more comment below.Continue reading “Nope: Ekklesia means “called out””

Nope: “The Fall”

I come from a tradition that demands “Bible words for Bible things.” That is not why I’m filing “the fall” in the Nope category. My beef is instead with a widely influential set of concerns that are read into Gen 3, for which “the fall” is usually shorthand. I deny that the rejection (whether anti-Pelagian or Reformed) of humankind’sContinue reading “Nope: “The Fall””