Sermon Prep. for John 16:16–33

The text this week is John 16:16–33, assigned as part of a series on the “very truly” sayings in John. These are initial notes and reflections on the text, co-text, and intertext before recourse to contextual materials and commentaries. What does the assignment of a text do to the process of delimiting the interpretive boundariesContinue reading “Sermon Prep. for John 16:16–33”

Death Throes of Christendom

Right, right—we’re already in “postChristendom.” In the same sense that we’re already in postmodernity, sure. The institutions of Christendom and modernity have hardly evaporated. They’re just in obvious transition. And by transition I mean death. Gasping, grasping, clinging-to-life death. The ugliest part of Christendom’s demise is the institutional Western church’s denial as it tries diagnose its death throesContinue reading “Death Throes of Christendom”

John 20

John—if indeed John is the “other disciple” with Peter—was honest enough about his own experience of doubt to say that until the resurrection, he did not yet understand (20:9). This conflicts with the contrast that John presents to the Synoptic accounts, not least Mark, whereby revelation is much more blatant and conclusions are far moreContinue reading “John 20”

John 19

The duplicity of the Jewish authorities is on display in this chapter. Their motivation for crucifixion is that he has “made himself God’s son.” When Pilate is adamant that there is nothing against him in terms of Roman law, the crowd makes explicit his political bind by resorting to a different accusation: he claims toContinue reading “John 19”

John 18

This is not Jesus meek and mild. The YHWH theme continues as Jesus comes to meet his betrayer’s entourage, asks who they seek, and volunteers himself with two words that, quite impressively, knock them to the ground. I AM. Revelation is getting rawer now. The narrative seems to be spiraling into a rapid climax. TwoContinue reading “John 18”