Listening to Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t really know why guilty. That just feels like the right way to say it. Probably because my inner workaholic is ranting about how much time I’m not spending on more productive things. I don’t really spend much time on social media, and even my Netflix consumption is pretty moderate. So, aside from the boatload of fiction I listen to while doing mindless things like dishes and cooking, the JRE is my main time sink. And presumably I should be listening to theology podcasts or something. Which I try to do. I really do. But then I just get bored and think I would rather read a book about the topic.

Anyway, Rogan is fun. I’ve got into watching MMA a bit in recent years, so he always has interesting things to say about that. But the more interesting stuff, the really fascinating stuff, is when he has on guests that get a chance in casual conversation to express opinions that are not PC or mainstream or whatever. I don’t have a dog in the hunt as far as the liberal/conservative divide and the whole PC/not PC platform they sometime peddle from, so I hesitate to put it that way. But Rogan’s deal is open conversation and giving reasons for what you think, and he pretty consistently pushes back on guests that don’t give good reasons regardless of where they are coming from. There are other podcasts that offer unpopular or “offensive” opinions space, but I usually find those pretty boring too. I guess Rogan is just a better conversationalist and a more interesting host. And he’s not trying to do like a formal interview, which most news programs have turned into the most pointless, stilted exercise ever. In any case, I dig his refusal to be automatically offended or scandalized, so the conversation can proceed. I think we need more of that in general and, specifically, in the church. In fact, I heard Nancy Ortberg say at the SheLeads conference recently that Christians should be the hardest people to offend and just about jumped out of my seat to amen.

I don’t much want to post a clip, since it will probably create responses that I won’t want to engage with. But, oh well. This conversation, from 1:16:12 to 2:05:55, is a perfect example of what I enjoy about the podcast. (Note you can increase the speed in the video settings so it takes less time.) Again, the point isn’t whether you agree with everything either of them says (and they grapple with each other quite a bit) but that the openness of the discussion is enjoyable.

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