The Expanse Is Outstanding

The books, not the TV show. The show is fun, but the books kill.

Some of my favorite things:

  • There is a sort of realism about future tech and the nature of life in space that is often missing in scifi, which in turn gives perspective on alien tech that is exponentially advanced and basically incomprehensible.
  • The (more or less) main character is a person of integrity who manages to be intelligent and complicated but believably incorruptible. His integrity stands up to the necessary compromise and expedient evil that governs most everything else.
  • Conversely, another character gives me the same satisfaction that watching Taken did. He unselfconsciously does “the obvious thing” without hesitation or remorse. He’s a bit of a sociopath, but the way his loyalties give absolute clarity to everything else is entertaining.
  • The crew’s rapport eventually morphs them into extensions of each other, so that they become each other’s conscience and mirror. It’s an impressive rendition of friendship and community.

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