Are Churches of Christ Evangelical?: A Pragmatic Cultural Question (Part 4)


If we can establish a legitimate basis for analyzing similarity and dissimilarity, it becomes feasible to answer the question at hand with more than surface-level comparisons. Because worldview is often the basis of comparison in the relevant literature, a meaningful model of the concept can provide such a basis. For easier (though not easy) reading, I have broken my discussion of worldview into four separate posts.

On Worldview 1 (Missiological Anthropology)

On Worldview 2 (Philosophy)

On Worldview 3 (Wittgenstein/Pragmatism)

On Worldview 4 (A Provisional Model)

Back to the Question at Hand

The implication of a well-formed conception of worldview is twofold.  First, the reductive contrast of Barton Stone’s and Alexander Campbell’s worldviews or of Churches of Christ’s and evangelicals’ worldviews is probably doomed to topple under the weight of scrutiny.  I submit that examination of multiple dimensions of the conflicted and contested Protestant American worldview at work in both evangelical churches and Churches of Christ will reveal far more similarity than dissimilarity and that the dissimilarities will not be sufficient to make a fundamental distinction between the two groups.  Second, the similarity of worldview contains the two groups in the same stream of theological semiosis, with the same present struggles and needs.  More on the two groups’ identities to come.

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