Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 13

For Tuesday of Lent Week 2 1 Again, my beloved brethren, I am ready to notify to you the saving feast , which will take place according to annual custom. For although the opponents of Christ have oppressed you together with us with afflictions and sorrows; yet, God having comforted us by our mutual faith,Continue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 13”

Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 11

For Monday of Lent Week 2 7 And whereas, not only in action, but also in the thoughts of the mind, men are moved to deeds of virtue, he afterwards adds, saying, “My eyes prevent the dawn, that I might meditate on Your words.” [Ps 119:148] For it is meet that the spiritual meditations ofContinue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 11”

Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 10

For Friday of Lent Week 1 [Written after Athanasius’s return to Alexandria from his first exile (July 335–November 337) because of the Arian controversy.] 1 Although I have travelled all this distance from you, my brethren, I have not forgotten the custom which obtains among you, which has been delivered to us by the fathersContinue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 10”

Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 7

For Thursday of Lent Week 1 3 But the saints, and they who truly practise virtue, “mortify their members which are upon the earth, fornication, uncleanness passions, evil concupiscence;” and, as the result of this, are pure and without spot, confiding in the promise of our Saviour, who said, “Blessed are the pure in heart,Continue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 7”

Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 5

For Tuesday of Lent Week 1 1 We duly proceed, my brethren, from feasts to feasts, duly from prayers to prayers, we advance from fasts to fasts, and join holy-days to holy-days. Again the time has arrived which brings to us a new beginning , even the announcement of the blessed Passover, in which theContinue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 5”

Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 4

For Monday of Lent Week 1 2 It is well, my beloved, to proceed from feast to feast; again festal meetings, again holy vigils arouse our minds, and compel our intellect to keep vigil unto contemplation of good things. Let us not fulfil these days like those that mourn, but, by enjoying spiritual food, letContinue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 4”

Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 2

For Thursday after Ash Wednesday 1 Again, my brethren, is Easter come and gladness; again the Lord has brought us to this season; so that when, according to custom, we have been nourished with His words, we may duly keep the feast. Let us celebrate it then, even heavenly joy, with those saints who formerlyContinue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 2”

Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 1

For Ash Wednesday 1 Come, my beloved, the season calls us to keep the feast. Again, “the Sun of Righteousness,” causing His divine beams to rise upon us, proclaims beforehand the time of the feast, in which, obeying Him, we ought to celebrate it, lest when the time has passed by, gladness likewise may passContinue reading “Selections from Athanasius, Festal Letter 1”