This is where I think out loud about life at the intersection of Scripture and mission, ask questions I don’t know how to answer, and try to speak truth I can’t afford to defend.

If you’re looking for a little more context for my writing: I’m a product of a cappella Churches of Christ and I’ve been a missionary (in Arequipa, Peru) supported by Churches of Christ congregations. But my relationship with my heritage is conflicted. The Restoration Movement needs to be restored, and like many of my contemporaries, I’m not sure that it can be or that the effort is ultimately where our energy should be invested. At the same time, I’m committed to some of the basic priorities of the early Restoration Movement: unity, Scripture, and mission. Much of what I work through on this site is about these questions and commitments as I seek to serve the churches that have blessed my life and, at the same time, to dialogue with Christianity more widely.

Here’s my curriculum vitae if you want to see what else I’m into.

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  1. I’m getting ready to study I and II Corinthians and was interested in your posts. I appreciate you taking time to post your study and opinion. Thank you for emailing me new posts.

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